Superlative emotional force by Richard Lovest

To speak of emotional forces is to situate ourselves in superior analytical dimensional spaces; for this reason, it is that every emotional force that the human being has the capacity to develop will be far superior to all physical force or of any imaginable magnitude, which belongs to 3D; that is, in our conventional world of three dimensions; that is, the real world or what we can see with our senses

Each person has the potential to develop an emotional world; which, because it is located in a superior analytical field, we cannot see with our sense of sight; however, we can feel it through our emotions; moreover, all emotion surpasses any kind of joy; in other words, the joys belong to a 3D dimensional world while the emotional is only inside the human person; that is, each human being has the potential to develop their own dimensional emotional world

A whole process of emotional development is necessary, and thus reach those higher levels of emotional development, where the greatest emotional forces that a human being can develop are located; in order to develop superior emotional strength, it is necessary to develop two previous emotional strengths; which are, the family affective emotional force and the emotional force of sincere friendship

Both the family affective emotional force and the emotional force of sincere friendship have a specific emotional direction and sense, which is in one direction only; which is generated, from the specific relative to the new human being; we are going to understand by the new human being, the person who is developing the emotional forces

All the affection of a mother, a father, siblings, cousins ​​and other close relatives will form that emotional force, which we call the affective family emotional force; In other words, how much the new human being gave himself to love with his closest relatives, will be the final result of having developed or not that important affective emotional force

It is necessary to develop the family affective emotional force first, before attempting to achieve the superlative emotional force

emotional forces have a defined directionality and sense; only the emotional forces with the same direction and the same sense, contribute to the process of development of the human emotional part

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The superlative forces will be those that originate in a human emotional world; unlike all human physical body strength; which are limited

Any force that belongs to a human physical body world will always present fatigue, tiredness, wear; that is, it is limited

Any force that originates in an emotional world is completely superior; since, you will never know wear, you will never know fatigue, you will never know tiredness; for this reason, he who loves or develops the emotional force of true love will love forever

it is important to have more understanding about the directionality of emotional forces; all directionality in an emotional force is unique; that is, it has a definite sense

every reader who, at this moment, has an understanding of what an analytical vector is; definitely, it will greatly facilitate the understanding of directionality and sense of an emotional force; to help people who have no understanding of vector analytics, let’s say that there are specific numerical quantities; for example, space measured in meters, every area that we measure in square meters, every volume that we measure in cubic meters, is also something specific that lacks direction and meaning; for example, it is common to say, I have an apartment of 100 square meters

Unlike areas and volumes that are specific quantities, there are other measures that, in addition to the specific quantity that represents them, also have a specific direction and sen lose; for example, the force of gravity; which, is assigned a measure of 9.8 meters over seconds squared, but has a defined vertical direction; that is to say, that it is not with a horizontal direction; moreover, it has a definite sense downwards and not upwards; In other words, there are measurements that are represented with a quantity, a direction and a specific sense

emotional forces have a specific defined direction and sense; for example, positive emotional forces act in a direct sense; while the negative emotional forces act in the opposite direction; for example, let’s talk about hatred between two people; this causes emotional forces to exist in the opposite direction; that is to say, that the person instead of transmitting something positive, feeds on something negative, the more he hates another person, the more powerful the emotional force generated but in the opposite direction; that is, the directionality is inverse; that is to say, that at no time can there be an affective attraction between two people who hate each other; since, the forces counter each other; otherwise, the affective relationship between a mother and a child; as well as, the affective relationship between a father and a daughter, generate a powerful emotional force, with a direct directionality; that is, they are mutually transmitted

Due to the above, the importance of harvesting emotional forces with directionality and direct sense and trying to erase or eliminate all emotional force with directionality and inverse sense; since, they will be an obstacle for all development of the human emotional part; reach the higher emotional forces, will be the result of reaching a high degree of development of the human emotional part

It is necessary to encourage and harvest emotional forces with positive directionality and direct sense and erase as much as possible all negative emotional force

All the inverse emotional forces act in a negative sense, such as hatred, these emotional forces do not transmit an emotional affective effect; moreover, they feed each other in the opposite direction; that is, the same person feeds on negative emotional forces by harvesting and fostering hatred and envy

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Entering and developing understanding of the emotional dimensional world, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of what are the positive emotional forces and the negative emotional forces

Positive emotional forces are those that contribute to the entire process of human emotional development; whereas, the negative emotional forces are those that generate an obstacle and do not contribute to the development of the human emotional part; it is important to note that what is necessary is to achieve this high potential for emotional development; and thus, to be able to reach the highest levels of emotional development; and thus be able to get to know and live the superlative emotional forces

There are only two superlative emotional forces; which are, the masculine emotional superlative force and the feminine emotional superlative force; furthermore, both are complementary to each other; in other words, the superlative emotional forces; that is, the superior emotional forces or the highest emotional level that exist, correspond to a couple of human beings, man and woman; understanding the above in another way, when we speak of a male and female couple, we mean that it is necessary for a man to reach those high levels of emotional development; but, it is also necessary that his partner; that is, the woman also reaches that high level of emotional development; and thus, to be able to reach the emotional level that grants the obtaining of the superlative emotional force for both

Getting to know and live the highest levels of human emotional development, where the superlative emotional force is found, will be a privilege for the couple of human beings, man and woman who can achieve it; since, it will be like being born again in a completely new world, full of many emotions and above all of a lot of authentic happiness

It is not possible to know authentic happiness if we are situated in the low levels of human emotional development; it becomes necessary to climb to the highest levels; and thus, to be able to achieve a full life full of much authentic happiness

Therefore, it is necessary to develop only positive emotional forces; since, all negative emotional force precludes any process of development of the human emotional part; for this reason, getting away from negative emotional forces will be fundamental in any process of emotional development

Among the negative emotional forces we have anger, fury, anger, envy, intolerance; in other words, when our relationship with another human being is antagonistic and repulsive, it generates all this type of negative emotional forces that have the capacity to feed back on the person himself and make any development process of the human emotional part impossible

It is necessary to encourage and harvest emotional forces with positive directionality and direct sense and erase as much as possible all negative emotional force

Only positive emotional forces have the ability to contribute to human emotional development; as well as, achieve the highest levels of emotional development

To be able to develop high levels of emotional development is to get to know the greatest emotional superlative force; which allows us to live life experiences that we never imagined living before; that superlative emotional force is the force of true love

There is no emotional force superior to the emotional force of true love, when we manage to reach those high levels of emotional development, then it will be present in our lives, something that before did not have even the remotest possibility of being able to be achieved; among this new that appears as part of our life, is to have full confidence in someone; that is, it is to develop absolute trust in that person, who at first was a stranger; but now, he is someone very special with whom there is absolute trust

When there is absolute trust in a marital relationship, there is no longer room for doubts about love; all doubt of love vanishes; in other words, conjugal harmony is complete; as part of our condition as human beings, it is normal for doubts about love to appear, but when true love exists, that superlative emotional force is generated; which, has enough potential, to overcome and vanish all doubts of love, to live full trust with someone special, will be a life privilege that will only be present in those high levels of human emotional development; Therefore, the importance of incorporating in our lives all those actions that lead us to stay in the process of human emotional development and hopefully achieve the most longed for, which will be living true love.

The great life challenge of every human being is to win the battle against himself; that is, we must fight with all our human weaknesses; and thus, go correcting all our actions where we have established that we could have acted in a better way, that process of self-correction will be lifelong and thus achieve a high level of comprehensive human development

As part of reaching a high level of integral human development, it is to live absolute trust in someone special, when you get to live that great privilege of life, it is possible to feel great peace and emotional tranquility which corresponds to a high level emotional development

Only the emotional superlative force of true love is capable of achieving that calm and emotional calm; when we live, that great emotional tranquility, the conditions are given for authentic happiness to enter our lives, it is not possible to want to live a full happiness if there are doubts about love, before it becomes necessary that absolute trust in someone special be present

Getting to keep in mind in our lives the greatest strength of true love is to completely move away from any doubt of love, it is to discover that in life it is possible to place all our trust in someone special; is to understand that there is always something higher and more pleasant to live where there is true happiness in life

reaping in our lives all the emotional forces with a positive meaning, will be essential to reach the highest levels of emotional development; and thus, live the absolute trust

When in our lives there is the force of true love, there will also be full trust in someone special, that absolute trust in someone gives the faculties for that peace and emotional tranquility to exist regardless of time, distance, work obligations, obligations social, total trust in the loved one will always prevail

Like any life effort, reaching these high levels of human emotional development will not be an easy task; since, first we must order our life and mainly attend to our emotional part and make it transparent as much as possible

To make our emotional part transparent, it is necessary that we promote all that is emotionally positive and discard all that is emotionally negative.

It is very common in the life of every person who has a negative emotional part that they have to attend to; and thus, completely defeat the negative until that negative emotional is no longer part of our life

Everything negative emotional has that potential to develop emotional forces in the opposite direction; which, are transformed into negative actions of life; which, while they are present in our life, hinders all emotional development, distancing us in a great way from being able to reach the superlative emotional forces

Among the actions of negative life that originate these emotional forces in the opposite direction, are the vices

When unfortunately we are prey to a vice, it will be very difficult to get away from it; in general, it becomes an everyday thing of life, completely distancing us from existential reality; that is to say, while we live with vice, it will be as if those hours of the day before the reality of life we ​​were dead; since, every vice teaches us a fantasy world that only exists when the vice is present, but sooner or later we have to necessarily face our reality of life

If we do not like our reality of life, it will be because we live with some vice, the moment we manage to overcome the vice, we will realize that the reality of life has much more to offer us; even, to be able to live the unimaginable, something that only the emotional world cannot give them; let us remember, when we manage to develop our emotional part in a positive sense, we pass into an infinite emotional dimensional world; that is, the emotional does not know the limit

It is important to point out that all hatred, envy, anger lead to promoting emotional forces in the opposite direction, having a high chance of unfortunately falling into some vice; which, we must attend and overcome so that it is no longer part of our lives

have in our life, great moments of immense authentic happiness, first we must overcome all negative emotional force and let our emotional part always be positive

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The height of a drinker

The height of a drinker

If there was an expert in preparing the most exotic alcohol-based drinks, to satisfy the most demanding drinker, that someone was Johnny

Very nice and always in good taste with his clients was Johnny, he liked to accompany the solitary drinkers, conversing kindly with them; as well as, to serve them in the best way; since, he knew that every drinker brings with himself a great sadness; which is the reason that has led them to carry such a nefarious vice, which traps them in such a way that it is impossible for them to leave it

Johnny was very observant and very curious, among all the drinkers he attended, there was someone who caught his attention; this drinker, it was very strange the way he drank; since, whenever he arrived, he asked Jhonny to serve him three of the strongest drinks, as if he were waiting for two more people; which never came and finally this strange drinker ended up alone drinking the three strongly alcoholic drinks; and even more, he repeated asking Johnny to serve him three more drinks, his orders were always three by three

Of three in three πŸ₯ƒπŸ₯ƒπŸ₯ƒ drinking and drinking πŸ₯ƒπŸ₯ƒπŸ₯ƒ

Johnny, who was very curious, decides to question him about that strange way of drinking: Excuse me, friend, I’ve noticed that you ask me for your drinks three at a time, could you explain to me what motivates that attitude?

It’s very simple, replied the strange drinker, in my life I have only had two great friends, with whom we shared many joys and very pleasant hours; however, both of them have already passed away, it is for this reason that I always ask for drinks three at a time, it is like a tribute that I pay them by always remembering them

It’s a nice gesture of you, to always remember and keep your loved ones in mind, replied Johnny

One day this strange drinker shows up again, but he asks Johnny to always serve him the strongest alcoholic beverages he has, but now his orders were two by two

Of two in two πŸ₯ƒπŸ₯ƒ drinking and drinking πŸ₯ƒπŸ₯ƒ “

more drinking πŸ₯ƒπŸ₯ƒ more drinking πŸ₯ƒπŸ₯ƒ

Johnny who already knew his story, now is very confused and can not wait to satisfy his curiosity and decides to question him again

Excuse me, my good friend, you always asked me for your drinks three at a time, why now do you order them two at a time?

You know what happens now my very kind bartender, it’s very simple “Now I have stopped drinking” ….. Ha, Ha, Ha, ……funny πŸ™‚.. funny πŸ˜„ .. funny πŸ˜ƒ … definitely ….. The height of a drinker