Emotional Happiness by Richard Lovest

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It is very common that we seek happiness in a rational way; that is to say, we think or imagine everything that we would like to have, we imagine what I must do to obtain what I thought and I know that it will make me very happy; however, what we are really doing is moving further and further away from true happiness

True happiness is not a passing thing; that is to say, that today it is and tomorrow it is not; true happiness is something that will always be present; that is to say, it is something completely forceful and sustainable; in other words, when true happiness arrives, it never leaves

True happiness never goes away because it is something emotional, it is not something rational; the first thing we must do, so that one day we get to know authentic happiness, is to develop our emotional world; the human being is the only one of all living beings who has the ability to develop their own emotional world

Every human being has the ability to know an emotional world; which, does not correspond to the rational world where we currently live, everything that surrounds us is something that we can reason about; however, the emotional world is something that does not concern reason, it is something completely intangible; that is, we cannot perceive it with our senses, we can only feel it

The ability to feel emotionally is part of an integral development in the human person; In other words, it is necessary to reach a level of integral development in the person, so that he can have the ability to explore that wonderful new world, which is the emotional world

A child does not have the capacity to fully reach the wonderful emotional world; it becomes necessary for him, to reach the degree of maturity; as well as, everything that requires being on the threshold that gives you all the faculties to be one step away from entering the wonderful emotional world

It is very common to confuse human emotions with faculties of feeling emotionally; human emotions, is everything that we must face from our childhood; that is, envy, hatred, anger, human resentments of all kinds; either, by race, religion, tastes, hobbies; but, when we manage to overcome all that negative way of feeling, which is in us; it will be, when we begin to walk on the path that leads us to true happiness

In true happiness, the person no longer has anything negative sentimental inside of him; since the emotions that true happiness radiates are so strong that everything negative that we felt before is relegated to the background; feeling true happiness is the most superlative thing that a human being can live on the face of the earth

In everything earthly, the JosΓ©re is nothing higher than true happiness; when the human being comes to live true happiness; it will be, when he comes to understand the true meaning of life; not living true happiness, it will be like having been eternally asleep in the emotional world

True happiness is not something rational, it is something that belongs to the emotional; that is to say, it will be to discover a new world, superior to everything that we have lived before; simply, it is to enter, know and live the wonderful emotional world

We have said that true happiness does not correspond to a rational world, it is immersed in an emotional dimensional world; since, unlike our 3D dimensional world, that is, what we see; always, it is temporary; in other words, everything that surrounds us has an aging process and in the end it ceases to exist; instead, everything that belongs to an emotional dimensional world is always there; and what is more, it has a continuous growth and will become stronger and stronger and will never cease to exist; in other words, when the human being dies he stops seeing, he stops listening, he totally disconnects from the real physical world; but, his emotional part is still intact; let us remember, that it does not belong to our real 3D physical world; the emotional dimensional world is something that cannot cease to exist; since, it is not something tangible

The intangible is always what has more value; for this reason, family emotional feelings are what we appreciate most in our lives; even more so, when we get to know that someone; who is the loved one, who allows us to live true love, we come to value above all; for this reason, thinking of finding true happiness in material objects leads to an absurdity; since, what has more value in this life, will always be what is totally intangible

When we believe that we are very happy because we have achieved something completely material; we realize that as the days go by, that high taste we had for that material thing that we had longed for so much, becomes more and more routine; that is to say, each time it produces a taste or something pleasant that is less than what we had before; for this reason, everything that is part of something material cannot exist forever; that is, it has an expiration date; for this reason, we mentioned earlier that seeking true happiness in something material leads to an absurdity

True happiness is something that we cannot go out looking for; since, it is something totally intangible; it simply does not belong to our 3D dimensional world since true happiness is immersed in an emotional dimensional world; how good it would be, if true happiness was in a specific place, then we would all go looking for it in that specific physical place, hoping to find it and be happy forever; the above is definitely not possible

True happiness is something that comes; for this reason, it is not necessary to go out looking for it; the most important thing that we must keep in mind is that we have to have a place prepared to receive it; let’s remember, when we have an important family meeting; the first thing we do is prepare a place to receive our guests, that place must be as clean as possible; as well as, it must be the most beautiful and tidy; in short, it must be seen as a very beautiful place; in the same way, true happiness is looking to find that beautiful, pleasant and cordial place that allows you to feel in the best way when you are in that place

Getting to have inside us as human beings, that beautiful and pleasant place to receive true happiness, will be the result of reaching a high level of integral development as a person; just as we give so much importance to achieving material success, we must redouble our efforts to achieve emotional success; hoping, to reach that level of emotional development; in other words, having reaped that great number of emotional successes that allow us to finish embellishing that emotional place; and thus, to be able to have that privilege of receiving true happiness; let’s remember, when true happiness comes, it never goes away

True happiness is something that comes; at no time should you be thinking of going out to look for it; the most important thing is to have the best emotional place to receive it

Understanding Pause

An emotional feeling is not born in a human body rational world, a feeling is born from a human emotional world

the human emotional world is completely separated from the human rational body; since, what originates in a human emotional world is very superlative regarding everything that can be expected from a human rational world

Authentic happiness belongs to a human emotional world, it is not possible to find it in a human rational body

each human being forms their own emotional world, which is unique and non -transferable

It has been said that true happiness will be the product of having developed emotional forces of great value; that is to say, very superlative emotional forces that are above any physical force capable of imagining; we can locate these superlative emotional forces in an emotional dimensional world that cannot be seen; since the only dimensional world we can see is the 3D dimensional world

To develop more understanding about analytical dimensional worlds, we are going to consider that the only dimensional world we can see is the 3D dimensional world; which, we can synthesize as the entire universe; but as it is to be understood, what we normally see is everything that surrounds us; since, our sense of sight has a limit; for this reason, we use technology to help us see what has been possible to determine in the universe until now

There are lower analytical dimensional worlds and higher dimensional analytical worlds; when referring to the word analytic; simply, it is something that cannot be seen, we can only infer it rationally analytically; the first analytical world 1D is the one we infer analytically, as a one-dimensional world of one dimension; we can infer it analytically, as a dimensional world where the only thing that exists is a straight line, it is not possible to speak of inclined lines, because the angle in 1D does not exist; that is, the only thing that exists in 1D are linear vectors; let us remember that a vector is defined as the representation of a physical or mathematical entity where there is a magnitude, a direction and a defined sense; for example, the speed can be represented by a linear vector that has a defined magnitude and moves on the straight line with a defined direction on the linear line and with a forward or reverse direction, right or left direction, up or down diection; let us remember, when we see a vehicle at a certain speed, what we look at is the vehicle that is moving, we cannot see speed, because it is something analytical; that is, it belongs to an academic physical analytical conceptualization

Now we are going to analytically infer the 2D dimensional world; also, we can consider it as a two-dimensional world; then, we can analytically infer it as a dimensional world formed by every imaginable geometric area; in other words, in 1D there are points and straight lines, in 2D there are geometric areas and in 3D what exists are volumes; no matter the size of the volume, from the most infinitesimal small body, such as something unicellular or a virus; which, we cannot see with the naked eye, even something as large as the largest star in the galaxy

It is time to consider the higher dimensional worlds; which are totally analytical; that is, it is not possible to see or imagine something physical that makes it up; however, we can infer them from a very rational analytical perspective; for this reason, we infer that the 4D dimensional world is where all the analytical conceptualizations are; that is to say, everything that originates the different sciences; for example the concept of analytical number; no one has seen a number and no one will see it; what we know are numerical forms or symbols 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, which form our numerical system; but analytically there is only the mathematical analytical 1 and the analytical zero Ø which is the absence of all quantitative; that is, to have nothing; on the other hand, we can represent any quantity as a sum of ones, for example, 5 = 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1

We are now going to analytically infer the higher dimensional worlds; as well as, the 4D dimensional world is related to the human rational part; we infer that the 5D dimensional world is related to the human emotional part; for this reason, in 5D there are all the emotional forces that a human being can develop emotionally; among those emotional forces true happiness is born; in 6D we infer it as a dimensional world related to the human spiritual part; then, in 6D are all the spiritual powers that the human being can develop and finally we infer 7D as the dimensional world related to the eternal part of the human being; that is to say, in 7D everything that is there is eternal; for example, a fruit in its eternal state; that is, it will always be there ready to be consumed and will never age or be lost due to over-ripening; simply, in 7D everything is eternal

True happiness is the result of having developed the emotional forces; that is, the superlative forces over any imaginable physical force; that is, having ventured into a higher dimensional world

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Entering the superior dimensional worlds will be part of all integral human development, true happiness is found in those superior dimensional worlds; more than knowing true happiness, it will be living the result of having developed those emotional forces, which surpass all known human strength

Rationally we think that the forces that humanly exist in our rational physical world, are much superior and are very difficult to overcome; however, the emotional forces are totally superlative with respect to all forces that belong to our 3D rational physical world

Remember that going beyond 3D is knowing the most superlative; that is, knowing everything that is unthinkable, unimaginable, difficult to believe; but it exists, and it will be a privilege for all those people who manage to venture into such amazing dimensional worlds

The dimensional worlds where true happiness is found are reserved for every human being, who achieves a great integral development; which is the result of being in maximum coordination with everything existential

To understand more about what a comprehensive human development means, it is necessary to understand that the human being is endowed with a rational body part, an emotional part and a spiritual part; for example, a great Olympic athlete who has achieved many successes in Olympic competitions can be said to have had a great body development; as well as, a person who has obtained great intellectual academic successes; it can be said that she is a person who has had a great intellectual rational development; however, for there to be comprehensive human development; these people, in addition to having bodily rational successes, should also have emotional successes and spiritual successes

The integral human development consists in developing in life the rational corporal part, the emotional affective part and the divine spiritual part; for the moment, we are focused on developing those emotional forces; which lead us to develop that emotional part that allows us to live life experiences above everything lived in the 3D rational physical world

It should be well understood that everything we live in the rational 3D corporeal world has a limit; whereas, the life experiences achieved in the higher emotional dimensional world have no limits; for this reason, the importance that we achieve this emotional development; and thus, to be able to live life experiences never before imaginable that can only be lived in the emotional dimensional world

To have a better understanding, the emotional dimensional world is something that belongs to each person; unlike the rational corporeal world, where it is a given world for all those who inhabit it; on the other hand, the emotional dimensional world is something private, something that belongs only to the person who has managed to venture into such a longed-for emotional space where true happiness is present

It is necessary to achieve an integral human development; and thus, to be able to venture into the higher dimensional worlds, where true happiness is found

It has been said before that it is necessary to have a development in the human emotional part; and thus, get to experience something very superlative emotional, such as true happiness

All human emotional development will be a process of development like everything in life; that we must, submit ourselves to a process and thus be able to reach higher levels of development

The foundation of the human emotional part is in the affective emotional; for this reason, the process of emotional development begins, from the moment that the human being is in the gestation period; that is, in his mother’s womb; therefore, it is not recommended that human beings who use some type of gestation technology come into the world; since, unfortunately, these people will be born with a null emotional affective part of gestation; which will prevent all kinds of development of the human emotional part

In every process of human emotional development, the gestation period is important, where the human being must receive all affection from the mother and father; since, when the new baby is still in her mother’s womb, it has the power to perceive everything that affects the mother; for this reason, she must be provided with the best affective environment throughout the entire gestation period

At the moment of birth of the new human being, she must receive all the affective attention of both the mother and the father; as well as, she must fully identify with her parents; finding in them, all the necessary protection; as well as, all the possible affectivity that makes him feel very happy to be living every pleasant moment of life

At this time we must emphasize that the first step that must be achieved as part of any process of development of the human emotional part, is to have in life the first pleasant moments of life; getting to live, the first pleasant moments of life, is the birth of the human affective emotional part; which is fundamental, in every process of emotional development; since, all that person, who did not have his parents in the first years of life, it was impossible for him to get to know the first pleasant moments of life; said person will always have that emptiness in his life; which makes it impossible for him to reach high levels of development of the human emotional part

Only the father and the mother can propitiate the new human being, get to know the first pleasant moments of life; since, the emotional affective nexus, is only present in his parents; there is no other person who can perform this function in any process of development of the human emotional part; for this reason, the attention to the new baby must be day and night; let us remember that the baby in his first months of life is not aware of what is day and what is night; the most important thing is to achieve the greatest emotional affective link between the parents and the new human being; thus achieving that baby can develop the human emotional part

The development process of the human emotional part begins from the gestation period; where, the new human being, begins to know the emotional part

All human emotional development will be conditioned to the integral development of the family nucleus and family annexes; we remember again, a child does not have full awareness of life, until he gets to be very deep into his stage of adolescence

The human emotional development of a child will be conditioned to the integral development of the family nucleus and the family annexes; we are going to understand, by family annexes, the close family circle, formed by paternal grandparents, maternal grandparents, paternal direct uncles, maternal direct uncles, paternal direct cousins ​​and maternal direct cousins; we use the word direct uncles, to refer to uncles in the first degree of consanguinity; as well as, their children; that is, direct cousins ​​in the first degree of consanguinity

The family nucleus, that is, the father, the mother and the child, is the fundamental basis in this first level of emotional development; but it is necessary to form the family ring of emotional forces in the first degree of consanguinity; and thus, the child has all the emotional potential to reach high degrees of emotional development; which can only be provided by their direct relatives in the first degree of consanguinity; that is to say, that set of affective emotional forces formed by the family ring in the first degree of consanguinity, will give all the emotional affective potential necessary that every child must have until reaching the stage of adolescence and can enter this second stage of emotional development; that is, entering adolescence with all the emotional strengths achieved in childhood

It is important to understand the degrees of consanguinity; we are going to understand as first degree of consanguinity, when our relative is direct by blood; for example, a paternal uncle must be the father’s brother; but, he must be the son of the same mother and the same father as his brother; in other words, when in the closest family circle, there have been divorces, new unions of couples and new children of different mothers, it causes all affective-emotional development to be lost; that is, when the child plays with his cousins, he cannot have the same emotional ties; since, the cousins ​​for being children of different marriages, do not have that necessary emotional strength that allows the child to develop emotionally

Achieve a high degree of emotional development; it implies, that we are talking about an exemplary family not only in the family nucleus; but, an exemplary family in the entire family ring of emotional forces; that is, exemplary grandparents, exemplary uncles; both, paternal and maternal; and above all, the first degree of consanguinity is always maintained; otherwise, we create emotional voids which are like holes where our emotional part falls and if the hole is very deep, it will be very difficult for the child to get out of there; consequently, losing all process of emotional development

Being able to have grown up in an exemplary family in the entire direct family ring of family emotional forces is a privilege; since, the child who has the privilege of belonging to completely exemplary entire families, achieves a surprising emotional development throughout the entire stage of his childhood; thus achieving, being emotionally prepared in the best way, to face the stage of adolescence and be able to continue in the process of human emotional development

Having the privilege of growing up in totally exemplary complete families; will give the foundation, to be able to reach a high degree of development of the human emotional part

The importance of being part of an honorable family, of high ethical and moral principles, is essential for both the family nucleus and family members in the first degree of consanguinity, to form that family ring of emotional forces, which will be the emotional support of the child; that is, the new human being who is developing the first stage of the human emotional part

It is important to notice, that in this first stage of development of the human emotional part, the child has no conscience in choosing; since, he is just a child that at his young age is only in the ability to receive affective emotional sensations; for this reason, we stand out again that when families are disintegrated; moreover, when families have had a very distorted emotional life; as well as a complete lack of emotional stability of marital couple; the foregoing, makes it impossible in the child or the new human being, can satisfactorily cover all the phases of emotional development that are necessary to have a great stage of emotional development throughout their childhood

Now corresponds to the new stage of emotional development; which we place it, when the new human being reaches the period of adolescence; in that period, the new human being begins with the ability to choose or select the new affective emotional links; in general, new affective emotional links of the same gender are first selected; this is totally normal, that the male genre seeks emotional affinity in new male beings; similarly, in the female gender, new emotional emotional links will be sought in that same genre; in other words, what the new human being seeks, is a new friend or a new friend according to gender; let us remember that the first ring of emotional emotional forces is already formed in childhood; which, it must be strong and thus not experiment in the new human being that emotional emptiness that will always be looking for ways to fill it

When there are emotional gaps, it will be when the new human being fails to select emotional emotional links that enrich him’s emotional development; moreover, on the contrary, he manages to live with bad friends; which, they fail to develop these new emotional forces that only a new sincere friendship can fill; in other words, get to have friends in life with a high degree of sincerity, it will be a privilege; since it is the only way, to be able to form that new ring of emotional forces, where the family can no longer take part; a true friend, is a friendship for a lifetime and will always be present to be able to help in everything that is within your reach

The second ring of emotional forces will be formed by the sum of all those emotional emotional forces that only sincere friendship can provide; in other words, that new human being to have in his life a large number of sincere and unconditional friends; it will be, the one that has formed that new ring of emotional forces that will keep it in a successful process of development of the human emotional part

The second stage of emotional development can only cover it, the one who has managed to live what is the true and authentic unconditional friendship

All human emotional development will be conditioned to the good way of developing each stage of emotional development; it is important to highlight that in order to reach the highest levels of emotional development, it is necessarily necessary to have successfully developed the previous stages

To recapitulate the above, it is necessary for a human being to have a full childhood; that is, have the happiest moments as a child; the foregoing is the total responsibility of the family nucleus and of all direct members in the first degree of family consanguinity; all together, they must propitiate the child the best moments of his life throughout his childhood; then, when the new human being enters the stage of adolescence, he must be able to know the authentic sincere friendship; as long as the ring of family emotional forces is the strongest, it will allow the new adolescent to have good friendships and be emotionally enriched with authentic, sincere and unconditional friendship

Valuing a true friend above the family nucleus is not possible; since, the familiar emotional forces have a determined emotional direction; whereas, the emotional forces coming from people who are not relatives, have another emotional direction; moreover, at no time do they come to oppose each other; since the only arbiter, in determining how much an emotional force is valued, is the new human being; that is to say, that the entire immediate family will always occupy a very special emotional space; but, true friends will also occupy another important emotional space; both familiar and unfamiliar spaces will fill that emotional dimensional field that the new human being is forming and exploring

It is important to mention again that when you do not have a full childhood, emotional voids are formed; every person who has emotional voids will always be trying to fill them throughout the course of his life; in the same way, if they do not have a full adolescence, the person will always look for authentic, sincere and unconditional friendship, during the rest of their life

Let us remember that we cannot stop time; that is, we will be older and less likely to reach the necessary levels of emotional development; and thus, to be able to get to know the most beautiful thing that a human being can live on earth; that is, the authentic and true happiness

In order to have the possibility of reaching authentic and true happiness, it is necessary that all the affective emotional forces have been developed in the family plane and in the non-family plane; and thus, reach that degree of emotional maturity that allows reaching the third stage of emotional development; which is the most important in the life of every person; since, in this unique and special phase of the process of emotional development; it will be when, the new human being, begins to look for the emotional affective complement of him; that is, the emotional-affective counterpart of him; in other words, all the familiar and unfamiliar emotional forces can only fill half of all the emotional space of a person; the other part right now is called loneliness; that is, loneliness will exist until it has the affective emotional counterpart that fills that emotional space

Developing all family and non-family affective emotional forces will be fundamental; and thus, being able to advance to the third stage of emotional development, which is the one that opens the door to happiness

A great affective emotional development is necessary both in the childhood stage and in the adolescence stage; since, if due to life circumstances the person did not manage to advance in emotional development in those stages, it is very difficult to be able to satisfactorily develop the next stage of development of the human emotional part

It is essential to have known sincere and unconditional friendship in adolescence; and thus, to be able to reach the other phase of emotional development; which, the person must distinguish emotionally in what is more than a friendship; that is to say, it is getting to know another person where the degree of friendship is superlative, it is more than unconditional, it is more than sincerity; in other words, it is a friendship never lived before, we could say that it is knowing a superior friendship, a protective friendship

only the person, who after having had a completely stable family development; just as, having had great sincere and unconditional friends, you can distinguish between everything emotionally previously lived and this new superior friendship; which, fills all emptiness of friendship and all emptiness of family affections; otherwise, where the person does not get to know this superior friendship in life; then he will know loneliness

All human beings in the transit of life, must encounter loneliness; which is inescapable; that is, loneliness is something that is waiting for us on the path of life; for this reason, we must be emotionally prepared to face it, when we do not have those affective emotional forces within us, we fall into rational happiness; that is, we try to face loneliness by acquiring material goods; however, as the joy of enjoying all the new acquired material goods passes, loneliness returns to our lives; since, when loneliness arrives, it is to stay; in other words, loneliness is the strongest emotional force in the opposite direction that every human being will have to face

The only way to overcome that negative emotional force that we call loneliness is the set of affective emotional forces that we have harvested in life; but, for loneliness to be completely defeated, it is necessary to have developed the greatest emotional strength that exists; this is the force of true love

The emotional strength of true love; that is to say, the greatest superlative force that can exist is born from having met that someone who represented superlative friendship; that is to say, that person that we come to value above all our relatives; as well as, especially our best friends; that special person, is the one that leads us to that path, where we will find the emotional strength of true love; which, provides us with that strong positive emotional force, which overcomes all negative emotional force; that is to say, loneliness is overcome; in other words, so that loneliness, the greatest negative emotional force, is not present in our lives; it is necessary, to have had that high emotional development and know the true love

Beyond all family emotional force, beyond all affective emotional force of best friends, there is that higher emotional force, which we call the emotional force of true love

It is time to consider the last stage of human emotional development, which is related to achieving that necessary emotional force that allows us to know and live the greatest emotional strength; what is, the force of true love

In this last stage of human emotional development, there are three levels of emotional development defined; which are, the lower level of emotional development, the average level of emotional development and the upper level of emotional development

This last stage of emotional development should be considered as a final emotional development exam; since, it will depend on the development process achieved in the previous stages; suppose, that the person arrived at this final stage of human emotional development failed to develop that necessary emotional force; then, he has no chance of achieving the strength of true love; in other words, the result of the final emotional exam is that he only has the possibility of staying at the lower level of emotional development; the above translates, in having several crush but without transcending

When the person as a result of the final emotional exam, it reaches the average level of emotional development, then, in life he will have two strong crush, but as at the lower level of emotional development, it does not transcend; that is, in his life, he has several conjugal couple relationships; In short, at the lower level of emotional development, the person only has a strong crush, but does not transcend and in the rest of his life, it may be that he has several conjugal couple relationships; but, as at the average level of emotional development, it is not possible to know and live the strength of true love

Now we are going to refer to the upper level of emotional development; which, it is a privilege to achieve it as a result of having developed satisfactorily, the stages of emotional development; at this higher level of emotional development, as in the average stage of emotional development, there are also two strong crush, before reaching the third and definitive strong crush that is to get to know the person who represents true love; it is important to highlight that this privileged level of emotional development is only reserved for single people; that is, without any marriage bond; for this reason, there will be two people who love each other and form the greatest emotional strength that exists; what is, the force of true love that will grow day by day and will always be stronger; now it will be possible to say, they married and they were for the rest of their very happy lives

Only at the upper level of emotional development will be

present the force of true love

all affective emotional forces, both family and non-family, are absorbed by the force of true love; moreover, the two hearts in true love become one, one feeling, one way of living true happiness forever